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Here, you will find various links to useful tools for the players or the game masters. If you know other links, don't hesitate to propose them on the home page!

Tools' list

Dungeon Masters Guild Dungeon Masters Guild

In partnership with Wizards of the Coast, DMsGuild is a community content program where creators use Wizards of the Coast intellectual property to make new content. Also, all the editions of D&D are available on DMsGuild.

2 Minute Tabletop 2 Minute Tabletop

An artist who hand-draws fantasy battle maps, map assets, tokens, town maps, etc. designed for print, Roll20, or other virtual tabletop!

Kobold Fight Club Kobold Fight Club

Kobold Fight Club is a website designed to help 5th Edition DMs build encounters appropriate for their party and give them an idea of how difficult the encounter will be.

Tabletop Audio Tabletop Audio

10 minute ambiences and music for Tabletop Role Playing Games.

The Monsters Know The Monsters Know

A website gathering monster tactics to make battles more thrilling.